The international initiative “Freedom for Asia Bibi” aims at engaging every watcher of the movie in helping the Pakistani woman.


What makes the movie so important?

Although the witnesses were already examined, they did not testify what the Polish filmmakers managed to capture. The film “Freedom for Asia Bibi” may be a new evidence in the case of Asia Bibi!

The film is a great way of telling her tragic story and effectively influence the people who decide her fate.
We act in most European countries. The film is available in ten language versions.



The film includes statements delivered by two main accusers: Mohammed Idris (the owner of the field where Asia allegedly committed blasphemy) and Mohammed Salim (the local imam). They both admit they did not hear Asia Bibi say the words of blasphemy she is accused of.
Mohammed Salim also states that it is his religious obligation to defend the dignity of the Prophet and that is why he decided to be a witness before the court.
Another imam, Abdul Rasheed, states that if Asia Bibi is released by the Supreme Court, the whole Pakistan will protest against the verdict and Asia Bibi will be punished anyway.

The film is inspired by “Blasphemy”, a book written by a French journalist, Anne Isabelle Tollet. It tells the story of Asia Bibi – a Christian woman from Pakistan, who has been sentenced to death by hanging because of her alleged blasphemy against Muhammad. The movie was shot in May and June 2015 in Pakistan, France and Italy. Asia’s situation is depicted by her family, lawyers, journalists, friends and those actively engaged in the case. Numerous petitions were signed and sent since 2009, when Asia was arrested, but none of them worked out. Even the Pope Benedict XVI called for releasing Asia Bibi.
The film also tells the story of two Pakistani politicians who tried to help Asia: Salman Taseer – the Muslim governor of Punjab, who after visiting Asia in prison and criticizing the blasphemy law was killed by his own security guard – and Shahbaz Bhatti – a Christian, the Minister of Minorities, who was brutally murdered because he tried to help Asia.

Asia’s family still needs to stay hidden.
With this movie, we want to remind the world of the innocent person kept in a Pakistani prison cell.

The postcard attached to the movie says:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m sending this card along with the movie concerning the case of Asia Bibi, who is waiting for execution in a Pakistani prison cell. I encourage you to watch it. I deeply believe that every man of conscience should do everything they can to save Asia Bibi. I’d like to ask you to get involved in the effort of liberating her.

With kind regards and hope for saving a 43-year-old mother and wife.



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